Luxury begins with quality.

Inspired by History

1937 marks the year of inspiration for 3 Kilos Vodka. This was the year the doors opened to the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox during the time when the gold standard was on the rise of strength and power.

Symbolizing the purity of these gold bullions, we designed our signature patented gold bar shaped bottle to encapsulate and preserve our ultra premium Dutch vodka.

  • The ultimate inspiration

    The ultimate inspiration
  • Gold Vault, Fort Knox, KY

    Gold Vault, Fort Knox, KY
  • Patented gold bar shaped bottle

    Patented gold bar shaped bottle
  • Proof of quality

    Proof of quality

Origins of Quality

Crafting Ultra Premium 3 Kilos Vodka begins with the delicate hand selection of the finest European golden wheat.

Upon gathering the harvest, the wheat is transported to the historic city of Schiedam in the south of Holland, where it is then fermented and purified by the perfected centuries old five column distillation process. Our raw high proof grain spirit is polished off by blending with exceptionally pure water treated through reverse osmosis pressurized technology removing all traces of impurities.

This masterfully blended 3 Kilos Vodka is immediately bottled on site into our signature patented gold bar shaped bottle, shielding the vodka from light deterioration. With a non-refillable cap, the luxuriously smooth 3 Kilos Vodka consistently delivers the golden standard of quality straight from our distillery in the south of Holland to your glass.

  • European Golden wheat

    European Golden wheat
  • Made in Schiedam, Holland

    Made in Schiedam, Holland
  • Five column distillation

    Five column distillation
  • Exceptionally pure water

    Exceptionally pure water